Vehicle and Power Wash

Foamy Vehicle Wash

Extremely concentrated (1:100) high foaming product with pleasant fragrance for exterior vehicle cleaning. Excellent in manual application cleaning – dense foam suspends soil until rinsed away, leaving a clean, streak free vehicle surface and shine.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 801004 / 20L Pail – 801020

Truck Wash

Heavy duty, high foaming exterior truck cleaner for application through foamers. Removes road film, grease and oils. Soft metal safe at all dilutions.

Power Wash

Heavy duty exterior vehicle cleaner for coin wash and other mobile pressure wash applications. Quickly penetrates and removes road film, grease and oils from cars and trucks. Also provides excellent performance as a general purpose pressure cleaner for use in various power wash applications, such as vinyl siding, asphalt / sidewalk or concrete garage / warehouse floor and wall cleaning.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 801504 / 20L Pail – 801520

Degreaser Plus

Degreaser formulated for tough degreasing jobs, including factory and warehouse floors and walls, engine degreasing applications, etc. Suitable for use on floors as well as above floor surfaces.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 231004 / 20L Pail – 231020


Ready to use cleaner, shine enhancer and protectant for a wide variety of surfaces. Ideal for use as a furniture polish, automotive dash cleaner/gloss enhancer, interior and exterior plastic cleaner/gloss enhancer, rubber tire dressing.

Bus and Truck Rim Cleaner/Prewash

Heavy duty rim cleaner for buses, trucks. Removes brake dust, soil. Not for use on polished aluminum surfaces.

Car Rim Cleaner

Rim cleaner for cars and light trucks. Removes brake dust, soil.

Bus Wash

Bus detergent for use in automatic wash equipment. Removes road film and soils, grease and grime. Neutral pH, non-solvent formula safe for use on any surface.

Aluminum Brightener

Aluminum and steel brightener. Removes corrosion / oxidation, chemical burns. Ideal for use on tankers. Not for use on polished aluminum or steel.