Odour Control


Formulated to address the most powerful malodour problem areas, including multi-residential garbage bins / chutes, restroom / urinal odours, diaper pails, waste receptacles, water damage mildew odours, post fire smoke damage and decaying food remnant odours.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 601004 / 20L Pail – 601020

BioMaster Fresh Encounter

A concentrated enzyme / biological all purpose cleaner with dual action odour counteractant system. A comprehensive synergistic blend of biologicals and essential oils (derived from plants) quickly attack the malodour molecules, eliminating (not masking) the source of the problem. For use in bathrooms, septic and drain maintenance, all purpose cleaning. Bacterial count: 200 billion cfu/gallon.

BioMaster Odour Counteractant

A concentrated biological/enzyme product for all intense odour problems. Attacks the source of the problem by eliminating the malodour itself, not simply masking it. For use on any water washable hard surfaces as well as carpets, upholstery and other fabrics. Eliminates problematic odours such as smoke / mildew, pet odours, urine, bathroom odours, harsh kitchen odours and malodours from dumpsters.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 952004 / 20L Pail – 952020

Odour Master 300

Provides powerful odour counteraction while leaving a pleasant herbal mint residual scent. Odour Master 300 can be used as a surface or space spray, as well as an odour counteractant boost to non-germicidal hard surface and carpet cleaning products.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 602004 / 20L Pail – 602020

Spray-N-Kling Ban-O-Dor

Sprayable thickened product that clings to vertical surfaces for time release of odour counteractants. Ideal for intense odours such as garbage bins, chutes, etc. Original Ban-O-Dor essential oil blend.