Hard Surface Cleaning

Ultimate Kitchen Aid

Extremely effective oven, fryer and griddle cleaner. Potent formula removes grease and baked on-carbon deposits with no residual odour (A Chef’s Best Friend).
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 721004 / 20L Pail – 721020

Super Citra-Kleen

Super concentrated natural citrus-based degreaser and multi-purpose cleaner for most water washable surfaces. Formulated with orange oil (D-limonene). Emulsifies petroleum and vegetable based oils, animal fats and is also highly effective against water based soils. Strong deodourizing capabilities. Dilutable in hot or cold water. Pleasant natural orange scent.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 241004 / 20L Pail – 241020

Liquid Gold

93% active product, for extreme cleaning and deodourizing needs. Highly effective in severe grease trap and floor drain maintenance and deodourizing situations.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 242004 / 20L Pail – 242020

BioMaster Grease Trap Maintainer

Concentrated biological product for the effective maintenance of grease traps. Highly effective as a maintainer and deodourizer of floor drains. Effective against fats, oils and greases.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 952504 / 20L Pail – 952520

BioMaster Floor & Grout Cleaner

A concentrated biological/enzyme cleaner and deodourizer for bathroom, kitchen and other greasy hard surface floors. Attacks grease source, thereby increasing floor wet and dry slip resistance properties. Biological agents in the product continue to work over time when the floor is dry, resulting in an increased safety and grout cleanliness. Commercially neutral, safe for use on any water washable surface.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 951004 / 20L Pail – 951020

Grout Out

Heavy duty grout and tile cleaner / brightner recommended for deep restorative cleaning of ceramic / quarry tile and grout. Quickly penetrates into the pores of the tile and grout, removing and suspending oily soils, hard water / mineral deposits, salt and general soils.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 722004 / 20L Pail – 722020


Formulated to address the most extreme facility malodour issues, such as kitchen food remnant and dumpster decay malodours. Super Concentrated – use as a wipe-down product or as an air spray.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 601004 / 20L Pail – 601020

Number ONE!

Powerful all-round kitchen degreaser (equipment / floors). Non-butyl formula removes animal and vegetable based oils and greases. Unique odour control technology especially suited for kitchen malodours.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 231504 / 20L Pail – 231520

Spray-N-Kling Citrus

Heavy duty, ready to use semi-viscous cleaner that clings to surfaces, providing increased contact time. Ideal for use on vertical surfaces. Removes asphalt, tar, hardened grease, grime and graffiti. Also suitable for use on machinery, tools, automotive parts, and engines. Based on natural d-Limonene (citrus peel oil).

Arctic Clean

Ready to use cleaner and de-icer for walk in freezer floors, effective down to –35°C.