BioMaster Fresh Encounter

A concentrated enzyme / biological all purpose cleaner with dual action odour counteractant system. A comprehensive synergistic blend of biologicals and essential oils (derived from plants) quickly attack the malodour molecules, eliminating (not masking) the source of the problem. For use in bathrooms, septic and drain maintenance, all purpose cleaning. Bacterial count: 200 billion cfu/gallon.

BioMaster All-Purpose Cleaner

A concentrated biological/enzyme all purpose cleaner and deodourizer for use on any water washable hard surface and all types of bathroom surfaces. Also effective as an enzyme based carpet and upholstery spotter and deodourizer.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 951504 / 20L Pail – 909520

BioMaster Grease Trap Maintainer

Concentrated biological product for the effective maintenance of grease traps. Highly effective as a maintainer and deodourizer of floor drains. Effective against fats, oils and greases.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 9525004 / 20L Pail – 952520

BioMaster Odour Counteractant

A concentrated biological/enzyme product for intense odour problems. Enzymes attack the source of the odour by eliminating the malodour itself, not simply masking it. For use on any water washable hard surfaces as well as carpets, upholstery and other fabrics. Eliminates problematic odours such as smoke / mildew, pet odours, urine, bathroom odours, harsh kitchen odours and dumpster odours.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 952004 / 20L Pail – 952020

BioMaster Floor & Grout Cleaner

A concentrated biological/enzyme cleaner and deodourizer for bathroom, kitchen and other greasy hard surface floors. Attacks grease source, thereby increasing floor wet and dry slip resistance properties. Biological agents in the product continue to work over time when the floor is dry, resulting in an increasing grout cleanliness & safety. Commercially neutral, safe for use on any water washable surface.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 951004 / 20L Pail – 951520

BioMaster Cutlery Presoak

Concentrated biological product, safe (neutral pH) for use as a pre-soak for all types of cutlery, including stainless steel and silverware. Effectively removes kitchen based proteins, starches, carbohydrates, fats, oils and greases.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 957004 / 20L Pail – 957020