EcoAssure Green Line

EcoAssure Floor Stripper

Extremely low odour, non-corrosive neutral Ph stripper. Formulated ‘green’ to meet all criteria contained in major North American Environmental Standards. Can be used as a companion product to remove EcoAssure™ Floor Finish but also effective in the removal of various traditional type metal-interlocking finishes.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 921004 / 18.9L Pail – 921018

EcoAssure Neutral Cleaner

A commercially neutral cleaner formulated with biodegradable surfactants. Formulated ‘green’ to meet the criteria of all major North American Environmental Standards. Safe for use on any water-washable surface. Ideal as a routine floor cleaner. Low foaming profile. Pleasant non-descript clean scent.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 911004 / 20L Pail – 911020

EcoAssure Glass Cleaner RTU

Non-ammoniated. Ready-to-Use (RTU) glass cleaner. Formulated ‘green’ to meet criteria contained in all major Canadian Environmental Standards. None streaking formula will quickly leave glass and mirrors clean and sparkling.
Product Code/Size: 4L Jug – 931004 / 20L Pail – 931020

EcoAssure Citrus Concentrate

Citrus-based degreaser and multi-purpose cleaner for most water-washable surfaces. Non-corrosive, neutral pH product. Excellent for use as a dilutable spray and wipe. Meets the criteria contained in all major N.A. Environmental Standards.