What is Sanilabs?

Sanilabs is a Canadian chemical manufacturer primarily serving the Jan/San, Industrial, Institutional, Food Service and Automotive markets. Our diverse product lines include detergents and degreasers, floor care products, warewash and laundry products, hand soaps, odour control products, biological/enzyme cleaners, and environmentally responsible green cleaning products. Sanilabs is also a major manufacturer for the road construction market in terms of asphalt and concrete removers, release agents, industrial degreasers and truck wash products.

How prevalent is Sanilabs in the market?

Although we market Sanilabs branded products, 95% of our current business is private label. Even though you may not see the Sanilabs label, the products are present in a wide industry base under various private labels. As a private label manufacturer, our products are formulated using stringent quality control protocols and high product performance criteria.

At Sanilabs, we take pride in our in-house research and development expertise. We are flexible in terms of developing new and innovative products to meet your individual and ever changing needs. Contact us to discuss private labeling and unique distribution opportunities.